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home about running gifts nutrition contact was created out of a necessity for my friends and I to know what running products work and what products don’t. For years we have had many conversations about what sneakers to buy, what running gear works better and what the best running gift we each got for Christmas or our birthday was.

We hope that this site is useful to you when you’re picking out the perfect running gift for the runner in your life. Or even if you’re buying a running gift for yourself! Below is a compiled list of all of the different gifts we have used, or would like to use. If you have a product that you would like to feature on, please visit our contact page and let us know! -Happy Running!

Today's featured running gift:   Running Gift - 09/26/2012
camelbak - running gift   I've started running with a 64 OZ Camelback, and I've found it to work pretty good. I was worried about the weight on my back, but I'm really not noticing it.┬áThis is a great running gift, and very useful.

It took a couple runs to figure out how to get it adjusted right. I also fill it all the way, then turn it upside down so that the air all goes to the area where the tube comes out, then I suck all the air out through the tube until it's just water. After doing that, there is no sloshing around.

The only thing I don't have nailed yet is that I usually carry 50% water and 50% sports drink for Electrolytes. I'm experimenting with the Succeed S Caps, and that plus water seems to be going OK so far.
Running Gift - 09/15/2012
Headlamo for night running  

So lately I have been getting into some night time running. I kind of like it, but I can go along the same forest trails I usually run in the daytime. Not until I received this perfect running gift from a close friend. The running head lamp is the way to go for night running. At fits it was a little uncomfortable, but once I got used to it, it was great. It has just enough light to see where I'm going but not enough to make it feel like I was driving a car. Great running gift for the night runner!

    Running Gift - 09/10/2012
running iPod Band ipod-running-band

Running with music really helps on those long runs. One thing I often notice is that if I run to faster music my pace is faster. So it could be a good idea to place a few slow songs in your playlist. The iPod running band is a great running gift for yourself or a friend. Or maybe you get it for your running partner so they take the hint that you don't want to talk to them during runs anymore!

Runner's iPod Holder    
    Running Gift - 09/09/2012
old spice deodorant - running gift

Runners smell. It is a fact. A great running gift you can give (or receive) is some deodorant. It’s not a mean gesture, it's a helpful one. Every runner sweats a lot and sometimes their body odor can get out of control without them noticing. A good rule of thumb is that if you can smell yourself, it's bad. So buy a great running gift and get your favorite runner some nice smelling deodorant. Also, check out the commercial, it's real funny.

Old Spice Deodorant    
    Running Gift - 09/08/2012
running gift magazine running gift idea - magazine subscription

An Essential Running gift for any runner and a super easy way to give a gift without using much effort is a subscription to Runner's world Magazine is sure to make any runner happy. Runner's World is full of helpful information about diets, nutrition, training, and so much more. I got this gift about 10 years ago and haven’t canceled the subscription yet. This is a perfect running gift, and we approve this message!

    Running Gift - 09/06/2012
running app winner imapmyrun - screenshot - running gift

Wow! I just picked up this this app for my phone and it is the greatest running app I have ever used! And the best part is it’s free! I would completely suggest downloading this app on your phone. And if you are looking for the perfect running gift to give someone, just letting them know about this app is great. It has the most accurate GPS I've seen, it records elevation while you are running, tells you how fast your running, how far and how long it took! And keeps all the data on a website for you that can be public or private! You can also link it to your Facebook or twitter! Amazing.

Running app    
  Running Gift - 09/05/2012
running gift, brooks minimalist sneakers Running Git - Scott Jurek's sneakers

Here is a picture of one of my favorite runners, Scott Jurek. He is an ultra marathon runner and has won the Leadville Ultra 100 in Colorado!! This is him running with a member of the Tahrumara tribe in the Copper Canyons, Mexico. These tribesmen have been running long distances for their entire lives. It is the way that they hunt for food and their main source of transportation. If you look closely to the tribesmen’s shoes they are nothing but some rubber fastened on by some rope! This shows that minimal running sneakers are a great way to up your distances.

Minimalist Running Shoe - Brook's
    Running Gift - 09/04/2012
Running Gift - 09/04/12  

The Run Trainer offers distance-and time-interval settings for speed work and automated mile splits for tempo runs. This is a great runner gift. Its face shows up to four metrics, giving you the usual suspects like pace and distance, but also such things like data as elevation gained. Alerts can be preprogrammed to remind you when to drink during workouts. Another great aspect is that it only has an eight-hour battery.

Check out the cool Timex Video


Running Watch - Timex
Running Gift - 09/03/2012
running gift - 09/03/12 - spandex running shorts running gift - 09/03/12

I've tried a lot of different ways to prevent chafing. I've used different gels, and powders. The best way to absolutely avoid the chafe is to wear spandex shorts. Please don't be a runner who ONLY wears the spandex! You must wear regular shorts on over them. Please see picture as a reference. The gift you should get for your runner is the shorts on the outside! ha ha!

Running Shorts - Addidas was created to help people who are interested in running and buying running gifts for others and themselves. We want you to know what your purchacing before you buy.

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